Sister to Sister Holds Legacy Ball: Photogallery

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The student organization Sister to Sister held its inaugural Legacy Ball on May 7 to honor the achievements of special women.

The honorees were chosen because of their impact on the campus, their involvement in off-campus activities, and their commitment to diversity, said founder Camille Villegas ’11 of Chicago.

“We will always choose women who embody our organization’s slogan—Leading, Learning, Loving, Ladies,” said Villegas.

Women who were honored for their contributions to the campus and to the community included:
•    Dr. Nelvia Brady, former professor of business
•    Dr. Mary Lynn Colosimo, associate professor of psychology
•    Tippi Price, access librarian
•    Felecia Thompson, executive director for World Vision US-Chicago
•    Dr. Trina Vallone, assistant professor of education
•    Mary Webster Moore, assistant professor of education

The Sister of the Year Award was presented to junior Katherine Stackhouse of Chicago, who is majoring in business communications.

History of Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister (S2S) was founded on September 21, 2009, by student Camille Villegas ’11 of Chicago, who was inspired by her mother Regina and her five sisters. With that inspiration and with the help of Dr. Nelvia Brady, professor of business, and Tippi Price, Trinity librarian, Camille founded the student organization. This year S2S has held homework sessions, self esteem discussions, and devotions. The group also visited a worship service called “Bent but Not Broken” at Giant Steps Church in Chicago. With the help of the College, Sister to Sister plans to do even more next year.

Camille Villegas, President
Jade Crenshaw, Vice President
Kenyatta Bivens, Treasurer
Tippi Price, Advisor