Students Receive Funding for Paid Internships

Jon Vander Woude ’10 working in one of Trinity’s labs as a studentTrinity has received $17,480 from the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) in the form of a grant through the Illinois Cooperative Work Study (ICWS) program. This program will provide internship opportunities with non-profit and corporate employers for 19 full-time Trinity students who are Illinois residents.

Employers working with Trinity in this program include Lake Katherine, Elim Christian Services, Camp Manitoqua, Homewood Disposal, and others. These internships give students the opportunity to enhance their job skills in their area of study and offset their need for additional loans.

Many of the participating employers would not otherwise have internships available if not for the ICWS funding. Employers pay a percentage of the students’ wages with Trinity covering the remaining percentage with ICWS grant money. The number of positions available varies depending on employers’ budgets and the number of students that qualify for the program.

Jon Vander Woude ’10 interned at Global Green Products as a student research assistant for two years.

“Having this opportunity has been invaluable to me,” said Vander Woude. “I gained firsthand experience working on a long-term project and learned valuable lessons about collaborating with other scientists. This experience was invaluable in helping prepare me for—and get accepted to—Northwestern University’s chemistry graduate program.”

The ICWS is a great opportunity for both students and employers to strengthen partnerships between higher education and business, industry, and government.