New Student Leadership Elected for 2010-11

Executive CommitteeStudents elected new leaders to fill the positions of the Student Association Executive Committee and the positions for class representatives for the 2010-11 school year.  Each class elects three student representatives whose main function is to advocate for students, voicing concerns and working alongside Trinity’s administration to bring about constructive change on campus.

Student Association President Jason Giddings ’11 of Pella, Iowa, has high hopes for what he and his peers can accomplish this year.

“As a Christian, God calls us to be more Christ-like every day, to not settle for less but to be continually striving to be a better person, a better Christian, and a better friend,” Giddings said. “This calling also manifests itself in the role of the president of Student Association.”

Giddings plans to “open doors” for Student Association, taking it in a new direction. He has made contact with student body presidents from Christian colleges across the nation in hopes to strengthen the Christian community on campus and work closely with other student bodies toward the advancement of His Kingdom.


Student Association Executive Committee

President—Jason Giddings ’11
Vice President— J.R. Wydra ’11
Treasurer— Eric Jensema ’11
Secretary—Liz Fiala ’10


Committee Chairs

Academic Initiative—Kaitlyn Fondrk ’13

Allelu – first semester—Christine Carter ’12


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Allelu – second semester—Jenae Van Engen ’11

Multicultural—– Velvet Woods ’11

Service—Eric Robbert ’13

Social Justice—Andrew Blok ’13

Student Programming Board President—Bethany  Verhage ’11

Web Master/PR Manager—Eric Swanson ’12


Student Association Class Representatives

Class of 2011


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Sam Huenink

Mike Merlino

John Nekic

Class of 2012

Mark Jasperse

Courtney Jeltema

Dan Thayer

Class of 2013

Brooke Brouwer

Samuel Lankah


[Photo Pending]

KC Roller

Class of 2014

DaMaris King

Jessica Timmermans

Rochelle Burks