A Black and White Dress-Up Night of Jazz – Photogallery

Jazz Night - View PhotogalleryStudents, faculty and community members gathered in the Ozinga Chapel on Friday, September 24 as the smooth sounds of the Junius Paul Quintet and the Trinity Jazz Band filled the air at the fifth annual Black and White Dress-Up Night of Jazz, sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Committee and the music department.

Dressed in their finest black and white attire, audience members welcomed musician Junius Paul, a Chicago native and electric and acoustic bassist. Paul is known internationally and well-established in many genres of music.

“It seemed to me as if the Junius Paul Quintet could have been playing at the Symphony Center, they were that good,” said Dr. Mike VanderWeele ’73, professor of English.  “I also had a guest along who was very impressed with what our jazz band was able to do just 3-4 weeks into the semester.”

The strong passion for music that the group displayed was just what the audience was looking for.  As the music played, students, faculty and community members alike got out of their seats to dance.

The performance began at 7 p.m. and students and community lingered long after enjoying refreshments, fellowship, and meeting with the members of the Junius Paul Quintet.