Trollstock 2010: Photogallery

Trollstock 2010 - View PhotogalleryFrom advertising and auditions to sound checks and delivery, the Student Activities team dedicated a great deal of time and careful preparation for a successful Trollstock, the College’s annual talent competition held on October 23.

“Trollstock showcased a lot of different talent, and I was pleasantly surprised by the selection choices and the amount of effort put into each,” said Sara Gleason ’11 of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The event featured several acts with an assortment of song, dance, and instrumental performances. Encouraged by the large turnout, the performers poured their hearts and souls into their routines and energized the audience.

“I think it was cool seeing so many freshmen involved,” said Melissa J. Voss ’11 of Orland Park, Illinois. “They brought a lot of enthusiasm.”

“Being a part of Trollstock this year gave me a different perspective on the whole event, because I saw firsthand everything that went into it,” said Christy Boersma ’11 of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who was part of a group performance of “If I Die Young,” a song by The Band Perry.

“I look forward to this event every year because it highlights talent on campus and many of my friends participate with their own acts,” said Kailyn Baum ’12 of Hudsonville, Michigan. “I think, as students, being able to support people we know personally is something that brings the student body together at an event like Trollstock.”

The dedicated staff created a successful event from start to finish. Students involved with the organization of the event include Eric Tucker ’12, Kayla Schoneveld ’12, Kathryn Andringa ’14, Bethany Verhage ’11, Caleb Mulder ’11, Daniel Thayer ’12, Katie Alberda ’12, Allison Voss ’12, Melissa J. Voss ’11, Jacquelyn Risher ’12, Hannah Gonzales ’12, and Calob Lostutter ’12.

Winners of the 2010 Trollstock:


1st Place The dance group PBS, also known as Pretty Boy Swag—comprised of freshmen on the men’s soccer team—for their hip hop routine to a compilation of urban dance songs

2nd Place Sam Huenink ’11 and Jacquelyn Iwema ’13 for their jazz/hip hop dance to Mike Posner’s “Cooler than Me.”

3rd Place Josh ’12 and Victoria ’13 Penley for their Latin routine to the Spanish version of “I Like to Move It, Move It!”