More than a Scholarship: Students Build Relationships with Donors

TrinityOne of Trinity’s greatest blessings is the support of donors who make Christian higher education possible for hundreds of students each year. The annual scholarship recognition dinner creates the opportunity for donors and recipients to meet one another and provides students with the chance to personally thank the donors who fund the specific scholarships those students receive.

This year’s scholarship dinner, held on Friday, October 22, welcomed 206 students, donors, parents, and staff. The event brought together donors from 42 of the 73 scholarships offered and the students they have helped. For the first time, parents of the students were also invited.

“The scholarship dinner was a great opportunity to know my donors better, and thank them for their generous contribution to my education,” said Kelsey Nelson ’11 of Boyden, Iowa, recipient of the Gerard and Harriet Van Groningen Presidential Scholarship.

The donors, who provide funding through endowments and special scholarships, also send notes of encouragement, gifts, and prayers to their student recipients throughout the year. Through the scholarship dinner, they further develop that relationship.

Following the dinner, guests heard from students Carrie Hofland ’11 of Hartley, Iowa; Marlon Rodriguez ’14 of Costa Rica; and Dr. Sharon Robbert, dean for academic planning and effectiveness, who offered testimonies about this blessing to students.