Business as a Mission—TBN Welcomes CEO Bill Moore - Photogallery

View photogalleryThe Trinity Business Network welcomed Bill Moore, CEO of PacMoore Products and PacMoore Process Technologies, to campus on November 3. Moore presented “Business Can Be an Amazing Mission” to students, faculty, staff, and local business people.

PacMoore Products is a privately held food powder packaging and processing company and is one of the nation’s leading contract manufacturers, processing and packaging more than 150 million pounds of dry food ingredients annually for companies including General Mills, Master Foods, Kraft/Nabisco, Pinnacle Foods, and National Starch.

Moore addressed several questions during the morning session, including: Is your education or job really serving God? Are you short of what God wants you to be? How does business as a mission really work?

Several Bible passages especially have come to shape Moore’s daily life and work over the years. The first, for instance, is the commandment to honor one’s father and mother. Moore said that 24 years ago he responded to his mother’s request to help with the business after his step-father died. The decision eventually led to the development of PacMoore.

“God’s word is transformational,” said Moore, “but you must read it and then respond.”

Moore believes the emerging global economy will be the next way to share God’s power, citing that 90 percent of people are brought to God outside of the church. He said his company has the potential to change the world by bringing work to people, paying them a wage, and ultimately giving them access to Christ.

During his travels overseas, Moore observed people in huts who had cell phones and Coke, but didn’t have Bibles. “We’re living in an unprecedented time, an emerging global economy where we can have an impact on transforming countries and lives,” he said.  “Business is an amazing mission.”

Later in the day, Moore also spoke to the business marketing students in class, sharing his plan to work with farmers in Uganda—to use their products in his industry and to work alongside them with a Bible in his pocket. He advised students to be diligent and to be good at their craft. “Take up a dual major,” said Moore, “Your faith and business.”

“Bill Moore gave a strong call to us as business marketing students,” said senior Joanna Dykstra of Hammond, Indiana. “He challenged us to become excellent in our fields so that we can have an opportunity to deliver the message of Christ to those in poverty. He urged us to realize that excellence must start now, in our school work.”

The mission of the TBN is to provide Christ-centered business learning and service opportunities for Trinity Christian College alumni and friends.

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