Storyteller Shares Stories of Native American Culture: Photogallery

View photogalleryTrinity’s annual storyteller event featured award-winning storyteller, recording artist, and author Dovie Thomason shared stories of the Native American culture on February 8 in the Marg Kallemeyn Theatre.

Thomason has been a featured storyteller with NASA and Indian education programs on reservations; Shakespeare’s “Globe Theatre”; NPR’s “Living on Earth” and the BBC’s “My Century”; cross-community programs in Northern Ireland; and powwows, conferences, schools, and libraries.

As Thomason spoke of the Lakota culture passed down through her ancestors, audience members felt involved in the story through her narrative techniques.

“Her detail and description of the stories allowed you to create your own images in your mind,” said Chelsea Schuen ’12 of Ada, Michigan. “My favorite part about [Ms. Thomason] was the humor and emotions she portrayed through the characters.”

Another benefit of hearing Thomason speak was the cultural feature. “I think that having a storyteller visit campus brings a new cultural aspect to Trinity,” said Melissa Conrad ’14 of Hawthorn, Illinois. “We’re so connected to Internet, movies, and cell phones that we rarely think about storytellers for entertainment anymore.”

“I think that Dovie Thomason was a good choice for sharing her story because she could share about her Native American culture,” said Brian Clark ’12 of Wyoming, Michigan. “I like hearing about other cultures, and she was a great representative for a different point of view.”

The annual storytelling event is sponsored by Trinity’s Cultural Affairs Committee.