Fourth Annual Psychology Alumni Conference

Dr. A. Yanina Gomez ’95The fourth annual Psychology Alumni Conference held on April 9, featured Dr. A. Yanina Gomez ’95, presenting “Lessons Learned.”

Gomez, a counseling psychologist, shared the story of her journey to Trinity and the lessons she has learned through her move from Puerto Rico, the pursuing of her various degrees, and her work as a Christian in the field of psychology.

Gomez moved from Puerto Rico with her family when her father accepted a position as coordinator of the Spanish Broadcasting Department at The Back to God Hour, now The Back to God Ministries International. As a sophomore at the University of Puerto Rico, Gomez planned to enroll in college in the States after the move but decided to first take a semester of conversational English at a community college. During that semester, she applied to Trinity’s psychology program and began here in January of 1992.

She earned her master’s in school psychology in 2000 from Governor’s State University and her Ph.D. in psychology several years later from Walden University.

In her address to students, faculty, and alumni, Gomez focused on “lessons learned,” including a commitment to accomplishing goals, the demonstration of personal integrity, the importance of face-to-face interactions and healthy relationships, and the opportunity to learn from mentors or to teach as mentors.

Gomez said in her conclusion, “I would like to challenge you to take on the role of an active social change agent. Now, it is your turn to give back to society. Take this responsibility very seriously. Make productive changes in your life so you are prepared to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

“Set goals, prioritize, be committed, show integrity, seek face-to-face networking, learn from the wisdom of others, and for the alumni, take the time to mentor someone in your field.”

The conference also welcomed psychotherapists Angela Cumbo – Cryan ’04 and Scott DuBois ’98.

“Each year the Psychology Alumni Conference offers an opportunity for students to learn about issues in the field of psychology from practicing professionals who have graduated from Trinity,” said Dr. Michael DeVries ’74, professor of psychology. “The psychology department is very proud of the work our alumni are doing, the outstanding role models they have become, and the service they provide to the community and to the furthering of Christ’s Kingdom.”

Psychology faculty members at Trinity

Michael DeVries ’74, Ph.D.
Dick Cole, Ph.D.
Mary Lynn Colosimo, Ph.D.
Derrick Hassert, Ph.D.

DeVries   Angela Cumbo – Cryan ’04