Accounting Majors Score Well on Illinois CPA Exams

L. White

In a struggling economy, soon-to-be college graduates wonder if they will find work. When they do land that job, they may then wonder if their college education has prepared them adequately for a career.

Recently, Dr. Lynn White, professor of accounting in the business department at Trinity, shared some numbers that had nothing to do with balance sheets but did testify to the strength of the accounting program and the preparation of accounting majors who go on to take their CPA exams.

Results tracked by the Illinois Board of Examiners revealed that in 2010 exam candidates from Trinity had the highest average score among candidates from schools of the same size as Trinity or larger. In 2009, Trinity candidates had the second highest average score.

“Accounting at Trinity is a difficult major, but it needs to be,” said White. “We’re doing what we’re doing to prepare our students.”

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