OPUS - An Intellectual Circus: Photogallery

View photogalleryTrinity students and faculty members celebrated the annual OPUS event in April. OPUS, sometimes described as “an intellectual circus,” is sponsored by Trinity’s Academic Initiative.

The celebration of student intellectual and artistic endeavor begins with a procession though campus, led by the Troll, the traditional bagpiper, and professors dressed as Abe Lincoln and Sinter Klaas. Following the parade is a day full of student presentations, musical performances, a gallery exhibit, a picnic, and a special Outcry worship service.

Many academic departments were represented by students from the major presenting original videos, capstone projects, and reports from Interim courses. Students enjoyed entertainment provided by Trinity music, dance, and comedy groups, including Playtimez Ova, In ConTroll, the Gospel Choir, and the Jazz Band.

J.R. Wydra ’11 of Tinley Park, Illinois, this year’s Lincoln Laureate, pronounced the official opening of the day.

OPUS award winners – Click here for full list.

Tuition Remission Winners

$100 Winners– Kaylyn Bossert, Abby Christensen, Brian Clark

$150 Winners–Courtney Jeltema and William “Luke” Monsma

$250 Winners– Lauren Mayers and Cassie Nelson

$400 Winner–Victoria Bruinsma

$500 Winner–Kylie Bond

OPUS 2010 Committee Members


Dick Cole, Chairperson

Ken Austin

Patti Bowman

Dayton Castleman

Latishia Elliott, Residence Director

Mackenzi Huyser

Mark Jones

Pete Post

Bill Schepel

Trina Vallone


Kaitlyn Fondryk, Chair of Academic Initiative

Abby Christensen

Stephanie DeJong

Jonathan Engbers

Amanda Evers

Keli Ooms

Allison Wier

OPUS 2011 Award Winners

Art Winners


Best of Show

Abby Christensen – Bloated Book

Graphic Design

1st – Emily Van Hoff – Chuckwagon

2nd – Jenae Van Engen – Dine with Sarah

3rd – Emily Van Hoff – Snowflake Pattern Book

Honorable mention: Emily Van Hoff – Bridgeport Map

Print and Photo

1st – Brady Davidson – Weird Light Stuff (3)

2nd – Emily Van Hoff – Ampersand after Ampersand

3rd – Leigh Twaragowski – Kids at Play

Honorable mention:       Amanda Evers – Fall

 Katie Milton – Leap

 Alyssa Dichraaf – Untitled

Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media

1st – Hannah Snow – Sheltered

2nd – Bridge Earnshaw – French Press

3rd – Amanda Evers – The Happiest Place on Earth

Honorable mention: Abby Christensen – I Know You Like Maps, But Can You Read Them?


1st – Karl Gesch – Untitled

2nd – Karl Gesch – Barn To Go

3rd – Mike Evers – The Physical Impossibility of Life in the Mind of Something Dead

Honorable mention: Abby Christensen – 16 Casts of the Bottom of My Bucket


Communication Arts Winners


Original Oratory

1st – Joshua Moore, “The Arnold Project”

2nd – Kenyatta Bivens, “Blindness”

Dramatic Interpretation 

1st – Gina Ciametti, Phantom Rep

2nd – Julie Wiltjer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

3rd – Shannon Smith, A Doll’s House

Prose Interpretation

1st – Markey Ambrose, Love’s Handsome Warrior

2nd – Joshua Moore, Politically Correct Fairy Tales

Poetry Interpretation

1st – Joshua Moore, “Broke”

2nd – Markey Ambrose, “Too Many Daves”

3rd – TIE: Stephanie Avila, “Somebody Should Have Told Him” and Heather Hernandez, “The Highwayman”

Literature Winners


1st – “Untitled” by Monica Brands

2nd – “Gino” by Erika Huizenga

3rd – “Nerve” by Teryn Leaper

Honorable Mention:       “Airstream” by Erika Huizenga

“Coming from the Zoo” by Bethany Eizenga

 “Anorexia” by Libby Dykstra                                      


1st – “Between Here and the Sun” by Kailyn Baum            

2nd – “Singing for My Grandfather and the Monks” by Andrew Blok

3rd – Shared by “The Role of Violence in Much Ado About Nothing” by Stephanie  DeJong

  “Heathcliff, Vampires, and Pop Culture” by Courtney Randle

Honorable Mention: “What Kills” by Jason Gerringer


1st – “The Damsel” by Jez Layman

Music Winners

Vocal Solo

1st – William Gesch

2nd – Samuel Heunink

3rd – Daniel Thayer

Vocal Ensemble

1st – In ConTroll – William Gesch, Dan Thayer, Samuel Huenink, and Adam Perez

2nd – William Gesch and Daniel Thayer

3rd – Samuel Huenink and William Gesch

Instrumental Solo

1st – Lydia Kijowski

2nd – Zachary VerHaar

3rd – Kelly VandenBerg

Instrumental Ensemble

1st – Flute Ensemble – Melissa Don, Christina Reardon, Victoria Penley, Joohee Kim


1st – Hyo Jin Moon

2nd – Brittany Homan

3rd – Carrie Hofland

“You Be the Judge” Winners


Title: You’ve Never Heard of the Language of the Dwarves? Probably Because It’s So Underground

Presenter: Jennie Hill and Eric Swanson


Title: Music and Theology in Christian Worship: Preliminary Considerations

Presenter: Adam Perez


Title: Operation L.I.N.K. (Liberty in North Korea): Helping to Save a Life

Presenters: Kenyatta Bivens, Kaitlyn Fondrk, Courtney Jeltema, and Ishael J. Tendero


Title: What I Learned from Worship Symposium

Presenters: Alberto La Rosa, Kelsey Nelson, and Kelly Zuiderveen


Title: Educational Reform During the Early Cold War

Presenter: Abby Suarez


Title: Peru 2011

Presenters: Elizabeth and Sarah Jongetjes


Title: Markov Processes and Inflation Rate Modeling

Presenter: Peter Keep


Title: Oh, ya, you betcha! – The dialects of Fargo

Presenter: Jennie Hill


Title: Disney Sign Along

Presenters: Trinity’s Sign Language Club