Adult Studies Alumna Honored for Her Teaching

Carita Hall

Carita Hall, a teacher at High Point School in Orland Park, Illinois, was recently named 3M Star in the Classroom Award winner by Econ Illinois. Hall completed the Adult Studies English-as-a-Second Language/Bilingual (ESL/BL) program in 2009.

The Illinois Council on Economic Education award is given to teachers who implement economics in their classrooms.

For more than 10 years, Hall has participated in the Economic Poster Contest sponsored by Econ Illinois. “Each year at least one of my students receives regional and/or state recognition in the contest,” she said in a recent interview with TribLocal.

She will be honored at the Econ Illinois Economic Education Day on October 25,2011.

Hall also participated in the Teach Children to Save program, which educates students on the importance of saving money and introduces them to investment management through the “Stock Market Game.” Hall said, “educating students about making good economic choices is essential for becoming economically literate adults.”