Nursing Students Present Health Topics at SALT

NursingTrinity nursing students recently talked with senior citizens attending the Behind the Headlines class offered through the Seasoned Adults Learning at Trinity (SALT) program.

The class, taught by retired Cook County Sheriff Tom Panush, covers local, national, and international news topics.

With health care a timely topic and the flu season approaching, nursing students presented information about strokes and about conditions such as flu and shingles that more adversely affect the senior population.

Tina Decker ’06, assistant professor of nursing, introduced the student speakers and was also available to answer questions from class attendees.

Student presenters were:

Peggy Flynn ’13 of Evergreen Park, Illinois

Meghan Lyons ’12 of Oak Lawn, Illinois

Michelle Marcheschi ’13 of Alsip, Illinois

Christina Vrba ’12 of Worth, Illinois