Huyser Named as Vice President for Advancement

Trinity Christian College is pleased to announce Dr. Mackenzi Huyser has agreed to serve as Vice President for Advancement. Huyser, a 1997 alum, began her career at Trinity in 2000 and was a key leader in launching the Social Work Department. She served in various academic leadership roles at the College before becoming executive director of Chicago Semester in 2014. Over the course of her leadership, she has overseen significant transformations in program, approach, location, and engagement with the city.

Huyser holds a B.A. from Trinity Christian College in Sociology, an MSW from Grand Valley State University, and a Ph.D. from Andrews University, focusing on curriculum and instruction. She has received countless honors and awards throughout her career, written several popular and peer-reviewed publications, and actively participated in many professional associations and committees.

She is passionate about the mission and vision of Trinity, a place where she sees God’s hand at work every single day. “I love the determined and resolute spirit that lies at the foundation of Trinity,” Huyser stated. “We get the opportunity every day to serve our students and create a place where all can thrive.”

When asked how she feels about her next season at Trinity, she stated, “I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve in this new leadership role at Trinity. The vision for the Transformative Colleges Initiative is incredibly compelling, and I was particularly drawn to the opportunity to work collaboratively with colleagues across campus and with off-campus partners and supporters to contribute to human flourishing on multiple system levels. I look forward to being part of this good and meaningful work for the benefit of our students and broader communities.”

President Aaron Kuecker shared, “Mackenzi has been an impactful leader for over two decades at Trinity and in our wider ecosystem. I am eager to see the way her gifts and experience – in collaboration with our excellent advancement team – contribute to the good of the College and the deepening of our mission.”

Originally from western Michigan, Huyser lives with her family in the south side of Chicago in the Hyde Park neighborhood. She enjoys spending time outdoors, visiting museums and neighborhood restaurants throughout the city, and attending LaSalle Street Church, where she and her family are members