International Students Thriving at Trinity

 -Josue Manishimwe ’25

Many questions linger in the minds of international students as they embark on the daunting yet exciting application process to study abroad, like whether they will be able to succeed, how they will be accepted as students from another country, and more. Upon reading Trinity Christian College’s commitment to diversity: “Because our mission in Christian higher education is not limited by ethnic or cultural differences, we consciously seek to develop a multiethnic, multinational, and multi-denominational student body. We affirm our commitment to work toward greater diversity not only in regard to our racial, ethnic, and cultural demographic but also in regard to acceptance, appreciation, honor, and equality within our campus climate.” Students can find a sense of reassurance and know that Trinity Christian College is not only the place for international students to succeed but is also committed to ensuring that international students are set up to thrive.

The Office of International Students and Academic Services (OISAS) meets the unique needs of international students that arise from the application to the orientation stage of a student. Trinity Christian College understands the need to provide communication and help to students from a central focal point.

International students must settle, feel at home, understand campus culture, and learn institutional norms to thrive. Trinity Christian College came up with several compulsory courses that seek to ensure an international student is familiarized with the norms of the school and its Christian values, the faculty, students, the city of Chicago, and its suburbs, and engage students in topics that will build and hone their thinking and writing processes. The aim is holistic development, enabling students to integrate into the school and broader American community.

One international student, Asaph PradodeMeloFigueiredo, explained how the classes in nearby Chicago enabled him to learn more about the city and surrounding communities. He explained that it would have been impossible if f he had tried to do that on his own, but Trinty bridged that gap to make it possible.

Finally, the Cooper Center assists international students in finding internships, part-time work, and opportunities to put their education into practice. Although courses and programs aid acculturation, students may need help launching their careers.

By providing specialized offices, programs, and courses, Trinity compounded what international students need to become formidable forces academically and socially, enabling them to stride confidently towards a better future.

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