Trinity Students Travel to Italy

Jul 08, 2022

A program designed to supply a rich introduction to three historic Italian city-states – Venice, Florence and Rome.  This is what was in store for a group of Trinity students, who traveled with Assistant Professor of History, Dr. Kyle J. Dieleman, but what they experienced went far beyond the pages of a history book or the pictures in a travel brochure.

Traveling from Chicago and arriving in Venice, Italy, the students were exhausted after an 8-hour flight and stopover in Philadelphia, but excited about the adventure ahead.

While in Venice, the group tried foods like pizza and gelato, which in true Italian fashion were delicious and did not disappoint. While no trip to Italy is without its decadent food, the goal of this trip was to learn more, enrich understanding of history, art and geo-politics.  There was time to explore Doge Palace, St. Mark’s Square, and of course, a ride on the classic gondolas in Venice. A native Venetian tour guide led a walking trip through the city, explaining the significance of the architecture, the different churches and saints, and even how the canals are maintained.

From Venice, the group enjoyed a scenic ride through the Italian countryside and arrived at Florence. Upon arrival, they were immediately greeted by the sights of historic architecture and ancient structures. A guided tour of Florence shared interesting facts about this city, which was formed nearly 1500 years ago, along with some of its famous residents, including Leonardo Da Vinci, the Medici family, and Donatello, to name a few.   Homemade pasta, ravioli, and tiramisu helped to round out the perfect stay over in Florence.

After a rich day in Florence, it was onto Pisa, to see the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa and learn the history of the area. An excursion was planned to see the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the area with clear water and warm sand. The onto Rome and Assisi to explore the deep history of these areas. Starting in Assisi, the group learned that this area is known to be one of the greenest parts of Italy, with little to no industrialization. The brief time in Assisi felt like a step back in time, even walking the streets felt as if they were living in a different period. The opposite to that would be Rome, which is a larger bustling city with expensive shops and restaurants, filled with extensive history, architecture, and art.

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