Letters of Encouragement Project

-Mary (Honey) Mathieu ’27

Students in criminal justice classes frequently learn that mental health struggles are common among law enforcement officials. That is why Trinity’s Criminal Justice Club recently hosted an event to write letters of encouragement for police officers at the Palos Heights Police Department.

Words of encouragement have the power to help someone feel less alone amid their struggles, so students at Trinity came together to participate in an act of kindness that they hope will make a difference in the lives of those who serve and protect others. On April 26th, the group dropped off letters of encouragement to local police officers and three dozen donuts from their favorite donut place.

Dr. Dennis Connelly, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Department Chair, comments that this experience was good because ” he got to see a former criminal justice student who now works at the Palos Heights Police Department and witness his current students participate in a good act for police officers who do so much for the community.”

This experience was one that students would remember for a long time, as they came together as a community to participate in a service project that brought people closer together.

Criminal Justice Club Co-President Mary (Honey) Mathieu states that she loved this experience because “she had received letters of encouragement from others in her life at times when she was struggling with her mental health. These letters helped her stay strong at times when she otherwise did not think that she could. She hopes the letters of encouragement that the Criminal Justice Club wrote will do the same for police officers at the Palos Heights Police Department.”

A special thank you to the Palos Heights Police Department for all that you do to keep this community safe. You are greatly appreciated!

Photographer: Mary (Honey) Mathieu ’27

Pictured: Palos Heights Police Department Officers, Trinity Christian College Professor Dr. Dennis Connelly, and Trinity Christian College Students Doria Foxworth, Aileen Guillermo, Ana Krueger, Braden Tazelaar, and Gabe Wahlsmith.