Trinity is "In It" Together

Over the last months we have all experienced unique challenges and significant alterations to our daily lives. But for many Trinity students, the effects of COVID-19 are particularly difficult.

That is why we are working on plans to address these very real financial challenges for our students and their families due to this pandemic. More than 300 of our current students are eligible for Pell Grants, which means that their family incomes typically range between $20,000-$50,000. These students, even with their families’ support, are already making significant financial sacrifices to attend Trinity. As they look to next year, many will face tough choices on whether they can stay in school due to their difficult financial hardships.

To support our most vulnerable students, Trinity Christian College has established the “In It Together Fund” to help meet the greatest needs of our current students. We will provide tuition scholarships, living essentials, and emergency funding for books, food, and travel expenses. We do not want to lose even one student to this crisis because of this unexpected financial stress.

We believe that the world needs Trinity graduates now more than ever, and we will not let the economic burden brought on by this pandemic allow Trinity to compromise our vision to educate the next generation of prepared and passionate Christian leaders.

We have a small group of Trinity Partners from around the country that have committed to match up to $100,000 of gifts to this fund. Every dollar you give will be matched.

We are all In It Together! Will you join us in this effort to assist students most challenged by this crisis? To learn more and to donate, visit the Trinity In It Together page.

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