Dewoun Hayes

Advancement & SALT Coordinator


M.A. Adult Education and Training, University of Phoenix

Dewoun Hayes is the the Advancement & SALT (Seasoned Adult Learners at Trinity) Coordinator. Her responsibilities include overseeing the administrative functions of the advancement department. This role assists in maintaining the integrity of advancement data regarding academics, employment, affiliations, involvement, relationships and contact details, as well as providing support in processing and receipting donations received by supporters of Trinity. As SALT coordinator, she assists in the development of courses for adult learners 55 and older. Lifelong learning has always been her passion and she is grateful to be able to provide an enriching program to this community.

She loves working at Trinity because God is love and we speak his name every day. It is a joy to be able to speak God’s name freely in the workplace. For almost 25 years, she has worked in higher education in the advancement division. Her experience includes: event/meeting planning, fundraising, scholarship management, alumni engagement, and research. She feels that her journey of learning has led her to Trinity, and she is pleased that she can use the skills she has obtained from her experiences in one place.

When she is not working at Trinity, she is a life coach and mentor to those seeking enlightenment, encouragement, and inspiration through the Word of God by helping them work through intrapersonal conflict.