Linda Acosta

Director of Accessibility and Accommodations

Linda graduated from Trinity Christian College in 2009 with a BA in Psychology. She received her MA in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in 2011. She has worked as a Child and Family Therapist in the Chicago area. Before Trinity, she was the Program Director for a non-profit, overseeing social services, community programs, and pastoral work.

Linda (and Luis) have three children. Andy, Genoveva, and Rafael. Rafael happens to have down syndrome. This extra chromosome has enriched her life and changed how she views the body of Christ. She loves to learn about advocacy and hopes to be part of the change in our society to implement inclusive practices.

She was drawn back to Trinity because it allowed her to grow, learn, and develop as a Christian and student. She hopes to build genuine relationships with students and be part of their support system so they can succeed as students and flourish in the body of Christ.

When to Contact Me: meal plans, help navigating Student Life resources, Test Center

My Office Location: Student Success Services- 2nd floor Library