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Accommodation Process Overview

Housing Accommodations Overview

Trinity Christian College is committed to full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA and ADAAA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Trinity Christian College intends to provide reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities for whom housing accommodations are a verifiable necessity.

Trinity Christian College recognizes that some students with disabilities require housing accommodations. Due to the complexities of campus housing, the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations (OAA) partners with Residence Life to ensure students have accessible housing. Housing accommodations are approved individually and may not be generalized based on student similarities (e.g., same diagnosis). Please note that not all conditions meet the criteria as a qualifying disability or result in a reasonable accommodation approval.

Residence Life and OAA carefully review each housing accommodation request, considering the nature of the student’s disability, its impact on independent living, and campus housing availability.

As with other disability-related communication, student confidentiality is maintained.

Students must reapply for disability housing accommodations each year and submit new disability documentation. Students must submit updated documentation if requesting additional accommodation.

Examples of Housing Accommodations:

  • First floor/elevator accessible rooms
  • ADA accessible rooms
  • Single Bedroom
  • ESAs and Service Animals | see process and expectations here
  • Meal Plan Exemptions requiring kitchen access
  • Visual fire alarms

How to Access Housing Accommodations:

To request housing accommodations, students must:

  • Reach out to the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations by emailing OAA@trnty.edu
    For a request to be approved, supplemental documentation must state a diagnosis
  • For a request to be approved, a clear request from a licensed clinician or health care provider with no relation to the student with details of the accommodation needed must be submitted
  • To submit this documentation and request, complete this form
  • Schedule a meeting with the Director of OAA
    If OAA approves the accommodation, the request is passed on to Residence Life
  • Complete housing intent form indicating desire to live on campus
  • Meet with Residence Life to determine housing options

Reasonable Accommodation: a reasonable accommodation is a necessary change, exception, or adjustment to a policy or practice in order to provide equal access to Trinity Christian College programs and facilities for an individual with a qualified disability.

Non-Retaliation: Trinity Christian College will not retaliate against any person because that individual has requested or received a reasonable accommodation in College housing, including a request for an Assistance Animal. Any student who feels discriminated against on the grounds of their disability may file a grievance through the College’s grievance procedure.

Linda Acosta


Linda Acosta

Director of Accessibility & Accommodations