Tips & Tricks for Rooming

Tips & Tricks for Rooming


Be clear and upfront about what you hope for in a potential rooming situation. Communicate with potential roommates early and stay in communication as varying factors unfold. Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no.”

Be Proactive

Make sure that you are aware of the deadlines for housing. Conversations about roommates become more complicated as deadlines approach, adding stress into the mix. You have time! Be proactive in starting to think about who your roommates will be and begin having those conversations now.

Roommate Agreement

Wondering what questions to think through? Look at this document linked here and create a roommate agreement before committing, ensuring you all have the same hopes and expectations.

Visitors and Guests

One item that we often see cause disruption in a living situation is expectations regarding visitors and guests. Have a conversation about what your hopes are for your living space. Are you hoping to host in your space? Or are you hoping to use it as personal space? Or a mixture of both?

Compatibility Over Friendship

When deciding on roommates, think about compatibility over friendship. It is a gift when it works for your friend to become your roommate, but, sometimes, your friends will not match your life rhythms: study habits, sleep schedule, cleanliness, etc. If you are not a good match in terms of habits and expectations, it can cause frustration in your friendship. These items are essential and should be communicated honestly during conversations with potential roommates. Sometimes, your best friend does not make the best roommate.

Trust Your Instincts

If you begin to feel uncertain about your potential roommate selection, it is okay to explore other options. Do this with care for others, but this can also be an excellent time to meet some people in this process!

There is No Perfect Roommate

Flexibility is vital when determining who to live with. There is no perfect roommate, and compromise will always need to take place. Find someone you are willing to work on living well with, and it will be a great year in your Residence Hall suite.