Kendra Henry ‘23

Social Work

A native of Gallup, N.M., Kendra Henry ‘23 graduated from Rehoboth Christian School. She chose Trinity because she loved the campus and the location. “I am from a small city in New Mexico, and I wanted a change of scenery,” she said. “I loved the campus environment from the times that I had visited, and I decided that this was the college for me.”

A member of the Navajo community, she originally planned to major in nursing. But she decided a social work degree would be a better fit and allow her to help people in a different way. “I am very passionate about advocating for people and their communities. I also have a strong passion for the Navajo community I came from. I wanted to pursue a degree that I could bring back home to help my people,” Henry said.

Henry is currently a junior and serves as a resident assistant and is involved with the Student Social Work Organization. After graduating, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in social work and become a licensed clinical social worker. “I have noticed there is a lack of mental health resources accessible to many Native American communities. Because of this, I would like to work with Native American youth and mental health.”