Trinity Christian College is thrilled to announce a transformational tuition approach designed to clarify and simplify the complex world of college pricing.

Beginning in the fall 2023 semester for incoming students, tuition will drop to $19,800!

This 40% decrease from our recent $33,800 tuition opens the door of access to any who wishes for the personalized benefits of a Christian, higher education and puts it within reach of families of different income levels.

Learn more about how we are transforming higher education into greater education below.

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We believe college should be accessible to all, and your top choice should not be limited by a bottom-line number.

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We believe college pricing should be transparent and easy to understand.

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We believe college tuition should be realistic and never sacrifice quality for pricing.

New Trinity Initiatives

Our Wellbeing Wednesdays Initiative launched in the Fall 2022 semester with a redesigned four-day academic schedule that leaves Wednesdays open for student wellbeing. Trinity is one of the few colleges that have taken a step this significant to foreground student wellbeing. We know that when our students are well academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, financially, etc., they do well!

Our Earn, Network, and Learn Initiative is designed to create a network of paid internships that will allow students to earn academic credit, build professional networks, receive early access to career preparation, and earn tuition grants to reduce the cost of their education. A pilot program launched in the Fall 2022 semester and will expand in the Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 semesters.

Trinity is eager to announce the Tuition Transparency and Access Initiative, launching in the Fall 2023 semester for incoming students. This initiative is a bold change aimed at creating a more realistic, accessible, and transparent pricing structure for students navigating the college financial aid process for the first time. We are moving the price adjustment that usually comes very late in the aid process to the front end of the process, with a 40% reduction in the sticker price of tuition. This will enable students to far more quickly understand the cost of their education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting with the 2023-2024 school year, Trinity will reduce the price of tuition by over 40% from $33,800 to $19,800 for incoming students in the traditional undergraduate program. This is a significant step forward in Trinity’s multiyear pathway towards transparency in college affordability and accessibility.

Room, board, and fees will maintain their current structure for the 2023-2024 school year.

Trinity is committed to having the most transparent and accessible tuition structure possible. We believe this is better for students and families. Higher education has traditionally operated on a high price, high discount model – meaning that the “sticker price” cost of tuition is a price very few students ever pay. We recognize that this model can be confusing for many families, so we are committing ourselves to offering students and families a realistic idea of the cost of a college education. This reset of tuition puts the cost of Trinity tuition at a price point that is not only more realistic but also more accessible for families of different income levels, with a transparent pricing strategy to support affordability. This is also a step in Trinity’s commitment to creating pathways towards making debt-free tuition a possibility.

This step towards tuition transformation is geared to traditional undergraduate pricing. Trinity continues to work to ensure that graduate and adult undergraduate pricing models are accessible and clear.

Trinity’s new model will be implemented one year at a time for incoming students. Current Trinity students entered under a high price and high scholarship model, which is the standard model within higher education. Incoming students will enter under a new model with a lower price and lower scholarship. The goal of the Tuition Transparency and Access Initiative is to make our process more transparent, realistic, and accessible. Current Trinity students received most price adjustment on the back end of the financial aid process, through significantly larger scholarships. New incoming students will receive most price adjustment on the front end of the process, with a tuition pricing model whose starting point aligns more closely with the cost of a Trinity education. Because the new tuition model is concerned with creating a more accessible entry point experience for students navigating the college decision process, our plan is to implement one year at a time for students upon admission. While scholarship amounts for incoming students will be scaled down with tuition, continuing students can rest assured that they will continue to receive their higher scholarship levels, which offset the higher price point in the current model, under current scholarship eligibility guidelines.

Trinity is committed to exploring how best to support and benefit students on the current model, including freezing tuition for returning students for the 2023-2024 academic year to ensure returning students do not incur any inflation of costs. Full details of our approach for current students will be communicated by November 14, 2022, well in advance of the release of returning student financial aid packages at the end of the spring semester.

Prospective students for the traditional undergraduate program who start at Trinity for the Fall 2023 semester will enter under the new tuition structure of $19,800. Scholarships will be scaled, and the tuition deposit will be reduced from $250 to $150 for the Fall 2023 semester. This change will not impact students starting at Trinity for the Spring 2023 semester.

Trinity will continue to offer merit-based scholarships under the reset tuition structure, including academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, and co-curricular scholarships. All Trinity scholarships will be scaled to match the new tuition structure.

We are also excited to announce that new, incoming transfer students will now have access to the same level of academic scholarships as first year students.

Trinity will continue to award dozens of scholarships generously funded by our donors. As these donor-supported scholarship amounts will remain the same, they will now have even greater impact in supporting students financially. For example, a $2,000 donor-supported scholarship is 10% of the new tuition, where formerly that scholarship would have been only 6% of the listed tuition.

Yes. Trinity will continue to award institutional need-based aid to support student access to a Trinity education. Additionally, as state and federal financial aid amounts will increase for the 2023-2024 school year, state and federal financial aid awarded to Trinity students will have an even greater impact in helping students afford their college tuition, with eligible Illinois state residents having access to up to $15,000 in state and federal aid for 2023-2024.

As Trinity launches several new initiatives to support student success—including moving to a four-day academic schedule in the Fall 2022 semester to keep Wednesdays open for student wellbeing through the Wellbeing Wednesday Initiative—this tuition transformation is an initiative aimed at revamping the financial model of higher education. To further this work, Trinity is also in the process of building networks of paid internships across the Chicagoland area, to allow students access to earlier career preparation and additional avenues towards a debt-free tuition through the Earn, Network, and Learn Initiative. A co-op pilot program, built on this model, has launched in the Fall 2022 semester.

Absolutely not! The Tuition Transparency and Access Initiative is about transparent, realistic, and accessible pricing. Trinity will continue to offer all programs and services available under the current model.

Current students:  Please submit your questions using this form at any time or call 708-239-3800 during business hours.

Prospective students:  Please reach out to your admissions representative or contact the admissions office at 708-239-4708 or with your questions.

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