So you're passionate about
data and research?

Bioinformatics (B.S.)

Earn your degree in Bioinformatics

You love science, computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering—then a B.S. in bioinformatics is for you. A bioinformatics degree will prepare you to analyze large amounts of biological data, develop tools for that analysis, and learn to interpret the data.

You’ll take coursework in biology, chemistry, math, and computer science. All of this will prepare you to build a life that makes a difference in medical and biological research.

Students with degrees in bioinformatics can graduate ready to:
• Pursue post-graduate studies in bioinformatics and health-research fields.
• Find careers at a medical research firm.
• Work in the area of genetics.
• Work in a science lab to provide research assistance.
• Develop algorithms and tools as software developers.

Examples of coursework include:
• Advanced Molecular Biology
• Algorithms and Complexity Theory
• Analytical Geometry and Calculus