The study of life


Using science to make an impact

Explore the captivating world of living organisms and ecological systems at Trinity through our Biology program. Our curriculum offers a unique blend of scientific exploration and spiritual insight, designed to take students beyond the basics of biological knowledge.

At Trinity, we embrace a Christian perspective that harmonizes faith and science. This perspective invites students to appreciate the beauty of creation and contemplate ethical issues in modern biology through the lens of our values. Students are challenged to question, analyze, and synthesize information, empowering them to become well-rounded scholars. Our program equips students with the tools to navigate ethical complexities. We encourage discussions about the responsible use of scientific knowledge and the moral dilemmas within the field.

Learn more about Trinity’s Biology program, where faith and science converge to unveil the wonders of life. It’s an educational journey that prepares students for successful careers in scientific fields while nurturing their spiritual and ethical growth.




Department Chair

Dr. Clay Carlson

Professor of Biology; Chair of Sciences
Phone: 708.293.4617    Email:

In Dr. Clay Carlson’s classes, students learn to view science in entirely new ways and to see God clearly. In the Foundation courses, students recognize gifts given to them that they had never before considered.