Bachelor of Science
Degree in Biology

Biology (B.S.)

Connect to Greater with a B.S. in Biology

The global community needs you—whether you are interested in pursuing a career in a biology-related field, or you are preparing for entrance into an advanced training program. Trinity offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology to prepare you for your future.

The biology major opens the door to many opportunities, whether you are interested in research, teaching, environmental science, or health. Health-related opportunities include medicine, dentistry, podiatry, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology major offers three tracks to prepare students for their area of specialization. The below offers examples of what Trinity students can do with a degree that has followed each track. As Trinity offers an education in the Liberal Arts, the below are just some of the many ways Trinity graduates have used their B.S. in Biology to build a life that makes a difference.

After graduation, students who follow the General Biology track:

  • Find jobs where they can apply a general Biology background—this can be anything from pharmacology to research or forensic science to nature conservation and more.
  • Pursue medical school.
  • Enter a graduate school program requiring a general background in biology.

After graduation, students who follow the Environmental and Ecological track:

  • Pursue ecological careers in the area of environmental justice, natural resource management, lab and outdoor research, and government policy advisement.
  • Enter graduate school to pursue ecological post-graduate studies.

After graduation, students who follow the Allied Health Science track:

  • Take post-graduate studies to become physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, or occupational therapists.
  • Pursue medical technology work.
  • Find work or pursue post-graduate studies in other allied-health science-related fields, like athletic training, emergency medical sciences, health administration, and more.