Biedron ’94 Returns to Campus to Discuss Creation and Collaboration

As humans, it is our nature to try to separate out Creation. But according to Sandra Biedron ’94, research professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Mexico, “There is only one model of the universe, it is the universe. Or, as my aunt, a retired Professor of Anatomy and Physiology and Nursing, says, ‘All systems work together.’”

Biedron, who graduated from Trinity with a double major in chemistry and biology and a mathematics minor before earning her Ph.D. in accelerator physics from Lund University in Switzerland, returned to campus as part of a recent lecture for Cooperativity Club.

She shared insights into analytical research tools that discover and help Creation, including the systems that make them whole. She also discussed how she brings her faith to her work and interests, which include particle accelerator systems, laser systems, using artificial intelligence in controls, modelling and predicting complex systems, sensors and detectors, and applying these technologies in science, security and defense. “We all have a calling,” she said. “Some of us head into science, technology, and engineering. I think we were given the gift to explore and leverage Creation. We need analytical tools to do this, as we cannot see alone things with our eyes.”

And we are all created differently, Biedron said. So, she urged the students and others in attendance to collaborate as a way to practice faith and to do the right thing every day. “Hold hands to solve problems,” she said. “Use this to bridge areas of science as well as people. Be mindful also of different viewpoints and faith.”