Expanding understanding


Exploring the heart of matter

Students in the chemistry program are prepared for professional careers in industrial chemistry, medicine, teaching, or graduate studies—but studies are more than just the learning of facts. The Christian perspective of classes offers insight into what chemistry means when considering God, his creation, and our care for it.


Trinity BioChem and Molecular Biology Degree black and white

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (B.S.)

By earning a B.S. degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, your studies will encompass both biology and chemistry, along with coursework in math and physics.

biochemistry and molecular biology black and white

Bioinformatics (B.S.)

You love science, computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering—then a B.S. in Bioinformatics is for you.

Trinity Chemistry Degree black and white


As a chemistry major, you will study creation through the viewpoint of the Creator. A degree from Trinity expands your understanding of our world and how to care for it.

Trinity Chemistry Education Degree black and white

Chemistry Education

The world needs dedicated chemistry teachers, who bring a Christian perspective to science classrooms.



Chemistry Minor

A minor in chemistry from Trinity will prepare you for further studies at the graduate level, as well as for careers in research, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and food industries, among many others.

Department Chair

Robert Boomsma

Professor of Biology; Chair of Sciences
Phone: 708.293.4618    Email: bob.boomsma@trnty.edu

Dr. Bob Boomsma ’77 has a desire to understand how the anatomical/structural aspects of animals and cells work with the functional/biochemical aspects. “I find the process of scientific discovery very enjoyable, as the limits of our understanding of the natural world continue to be pushed.”