Chemistry Learning Outcomes

  1. Chemistry graduates will demonstrate a basic working knowledge of the general principles of chemistry including: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry.
  2. Chemistry graduates will perform analyses and calculations including classical techniques and instrumental methods.
  3. Chemistry graduates will perform safe laboratory manipulations including the use of common equipment, synthesizing and characterizing compounds, and performing good laboratory techniques.
  4. Students will organize and maintain neat and complete experimental records, communicate effectively through oral and written reports, and retrieve chemical information from the literature.
  5. Students will evaluate scientific theories critically, determine how they relate these to ethical and religious (Reformed) perspectives, and see how a Reformed scientist practices science from a redemptive perspective.

Throughout the year assessment data is gathered through senior and alumni surveys, ACS standardized exams, the ETS major field test, Illinois content certification exams, capstone project, portfolio, graduate placement, and field experience evaluations. For additional information please contact department chairperson Jon Vander Woude at