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Communication Arts

Make a difference with your B.A.

Through a degree in communication arts, you will study the foundations of human communication, mass media and society, and the basics of journalism. You will learn communication theory, ethics, and criticism. And you’ll explore persuasive and public speaking.

You’ll do this by studying with passionate, Christian professors, with the entire city of Chicago in your backyard.

When you major in communication arts, you will choose a concentration in:
• Communication studies; or
• Theatre

Our program seeks to integrate the concerns of engaged citizenship and biblical faithfulness. We strive to navigate the biblical tension of being in but not of the world. Conversations in and out of class emphasize ways to be both critical and contributive in public life, in the marketplace, and in the worshipping life of various faith communities. Communication students from our program are thoughtful contributors to society and engaged practitioners for the Kingdom of God.