Speak and listen well

Communication Arts

Communication with a focus on community

Communication Arts programs at Trinity shape students who are effective at listening and telling in all aspects of their lives. Taught with a Christian perspective, Communication Arts classes build leaders who seek the good of the other in all interactions, can critique mass media, make thoughtful decisions, and speak, listen, and create with integrity.

Earning a degree in Communication Arts at Trinity can prepare you for success in nearly any profession. Expect to enhance your ability to think critically, refine your written and oral communication skills, and improve interpersonal communications. These skills can all be strong differentiators in any position.

Graduates of Trinity’s major or minor programs in Communication Arts can be found working and thriving in a variety of fields including advertising, public relations, publishing, writing and editing, political campaigns, theatre arts, fundraising, and many other rewarding career paths.

Our campus is conveniently located near Chicago. That means our Communication Arts program students have opportunities to engage in a robust and diverse community, including taking advantage of cultural and social opportunities off-campus and a thriving performing arts scene, as well as professional networking opportunities that are hard to parallel outside of a major metropolitan area such as Chicago.

To learn more about pursuing a major or minor in Communication Arts, and to explore all Trinity Christian College has to offer, schedule a visit to our campus today!


business communication black and white

Business Communication

If you have a passion for the world of business and communication, a degree from Trinity will set you on the right path.

Communication Arts Major black and white

Communication Arts

Through a degree in communication arts, you will study the foundations of human communication, mass media and society, and the basics of journalism.

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Health Communication

If you have a passion to improve people’s health and a love of designing and implementing messages, Trinity’s B.A. degree in Health Communication allows you to combine your interests.



Communication Arts Minor

Be a communicator who is a Christian and engages culture critically with a Kingdom vision. That is the mission of the communication arts minor at Trinity.

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With a minor in theatre in Trinity, you will study the greatest playwrights in the English language, as well as principles of theatre and production design.

Department Chair

Dr. John Sebestyen

Associate Professor of Communication Arts; Director of Theatre
Phone: 708.239.4714    Email: john.sebestyen@trnty.edu

For Associate Professor John Sebestyen, the theatre is a place to be both seen and heard, a place where story-telling and authentic communication come together. “In theatre,” said Sebestyen, “the power of a story well told can change the lives of not only audience members, but also us as participants in the telling of those stories.”

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