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The education program at Trinity produces incredible teachers—because it’s more than just pedagogy and the classroom. The Christian perspective prepares teachers to cultivate relational peace, educational equity, and justice for all children and to impact every student’s life through excellence in teaching.

Earning a degree in education allows students to combine their passions for specific subject areas with their love of learning—and of helping others learn. Education majors have a unique opportunity to meaningfully impact the lives of their students while enjoying a work schedule that allows for work/home life flexibility.

Educators, regardless of their specialty area, are generally in high demand—creating a sense of job security not available in every industry. Trinity’s graduates work as teachers in elementary, middle, and high school settings—as well as in roles as administrators, school counselors, business education instructors, and more.

Prospective students are encouraged to visit Trinity’s campus to learn more about all it offers. Located near Chicago, Trinity’s students benefit from proximity to cultural and social experiences, as well as having access to an array of student teaching opportunities for education majors.

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Trinity Art Education Major black and white

Art Education

If you have a passion for art and want to share that passion with students, a Bachelor of Arts degree in art education will get you ready for your calling.

Trinity Biology Education Degree black and white

Biology Education

When you earn a bachelor of art degree in biology education from Trinity, you won’t just study science through the lens of faith—you’ll learn to teach others , too. With this course of study, you will also minor in education.

business education black and white

Business Education

The world needs business people with a Christian perspective. And Trinity’s business program will empower you to discern, develop, and deploy your gifts and calling.

Trinity Chemistry Education Degree black and white

Chemistry Education

The global community needs dedicated chemistry teachers, who bring a Christian perspective to science classrooms.


Elementary Education

If you feel called to teach the next generation of students, then Trinity’s B.A. in elementary education may be for you.

Trinity Christian College English Education black and white

English Education

With a B.A. in English Education, you will graduate from Trinity equipped to teach others about the beauty of language and how to become critical readers and careful writers.

mathematics education minor black and white

Mathematics Education

If you are fascinated by numbers, and want to share your interests and skills with students, a B.A. in mathematics education from Trinity may be for you.


Middle Grades Education

At Trinity, we are small and mighty. And we know that exceptional students need exceptional teachers. A B.A. from Trinity will get you ready.

trinity music education major black and white

Music Education

Music is a gift of God and one of the best ways to praise His name. By majoring in music education at Trinity, you learn the skills to worship.

physical education minor black and white

Physical Education

If you have a drive to become an excellent teacher and coach, a B.A. in physical education from Trinity will equip you to embrace and articulate a Christian perspective of physical activity and stewardship of the body.


Spanish Education

You are fascinated by other languages and cultures, and you want to share that love with students. And Trinity, you won’t just learn about Spanish language through books.


Diverse Learners Minor

Diverse Learners

The global community needs teachers who are prepared to educate and guide the diversity of learners found in many classrooms today.

education black and white

Education Minor

At Trinity Christian College, our education majors learn to make a difference in their spheres of influence, explore God’s world, and discover their calling as teachers.


Education Studies Minor

If you are interested in the ways that education combines with other areas, a minor in education studies may be for you.

english education minor black and white

English Education Minor

With a minor in English Education, you will graduate from Trinity equipped to teach others about the beauty of language and how to become critical readers and careful writers

esl bilingual education black and white

ESL/Bilingual Education

In order to prepare teachers for the challenges of diverse communities, Trinity offers a minor in English as a second language/bilingual.

health education black and white

Health Education Minor

A health education minor will allow you to help students cultivate a lifelong commitment to fitness, sports, and leisure from a biblical perspective.

Math education minor thumbnail

Mathematics Education Minor

With a minor from Trinity, you will be prepared to enter the classroom believing that all children can learn; and understanding students of diverse populations and abilities.

science black and white


Studying the sciences at Trinity Christian College will expand your understanding of creation and the Creator. And a minor in science will augment a range of careers.

science education black and white

Science Education Minor

With a minor in science education, you will be able to share your beliefs and knowledge with the next generation of potential scientists.

social science education

Social Science Education Minor

At Trinity, we know that an historical understanding is crucial to teaching students about what has happened in the past, and how those events shapes the world today.

Special Education Major black and white

Special Education Minor

When you choose to minor in special education from Trinity, you will learn the skills you need to encourage and grow students with special needs, and Trinity can get you ready to meet your passion.

Department Chair

Dr. Kelly Lenarz

Associate Professor of Education; Dean of Education
Phone: 708.293.4530    Email:

Dr. Kelly Lenarz ’99 has a strong desire that her students–traditional, adult, and graduate–recognize and believe that the Lord has called them to make an impact in the world through the education profession.

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