Physical Education, Recreation, and Kinesiology Learning Outcomes

The Physical Education, Recreation and Kinesiology (PERK) Department at Trinity Christian College seeks to uphold the mission of the institution by equipping students to embrace and articulate a Christian perspective of physical activity and stewardship of the body that will enable lifelong service to the Kingdom of God.

All Majors:

  1. Students will effectively communicate a Reformed perspective of physical activity as it relates to each individual program.
  2. Students will effectively communicate an understanding of how diverse backgrounds shape the experience of physical activity.
  3. Students will demonstrate professionalism in each of their field experiences.

PEK-12, SS and ES:

  1. Students will clearly articulate critical aspects and the importance of human movement for physical wellness.
  2. Students will apply anatomical, physiological and functional performance knowledge to physical activity of the human body.


  1. Students will demonstrate pedagogical knowledge to K-12 students in Physical Education, during their student teaching experience.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge in the areas of physical fitness (Sub area 1), health, wellness and skill acquisition (Sub area 2) during their student teaching experience.

Exercise Science:

  1. Students will demonstrate competence as a fitness specialist in designing, assessing and implementing movement programs for diverse populations
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of exercise science principles of client instruction.

SS and RSM:

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge in programming for a variety of recreational settings.