Physical Education, Recreation, and Kinesiology Learning Outcomes

All Majors:

    1. Articulate a Reformed perspective of fitness, sport and leisure as it relates to the discipline.
    2. Apply and explain the anatomical and physiological principles of human movement in exercise and sport settings.
    3. Comprehend and apply an understanding of the structure and function of the body in human performance.
    4. Integrate knowledge of human movement as it is applied to physical fitness, health and wellness.
    5. Integrate an understanding of diversity issues including age, race, gender, learning style, differing abilities, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and their effect on human movement.

Teacher Education:

    1. Demonstrate the skills and ability to apply pedagogical content knowledge to kindergarten through high school age children with and without special needs in physical education.
    2. Acquire and apply knowledge in the areas of health related physical fitness, movement and skill acquisition, the role of physical education in development and the physical education to become a State of Illinois certified teacher in the field of physical education.

Exercise Science:

    1. Demonstrate competence in their role as a fitness specialist to design and implement programs for a variety of populations and settings.
    2. Demonstrate knowledge in basic exercise science, nutrition, fitness assessment, exercise programming and instructional and spotting techniques (or client assessment, program design, program implementation and adjustment, applied sciences and professional role) for certification in personal training by the American Council on Exercise.

Sport & Exercise Studies:

    1. Demonstrate knowledge in program development for a variety of recreation and leisure settings.