Celebrating the body

Physical Education, Recreation, and Kinesiology

Understand Physical Education, Recreation, and Kinesiology with compassion

The Physical Education, Recreation, and Kinesiology program at Trinity builds future leaders in the area who understand fitness, sports, leisure, and good stewardship of the human body. Graduates should be able to articulate an understanding of diversity issues including age, race, gender, learning style, differing abilities, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds, and their effects on human movement.

Graduates of Trinity’s Physical Education, Recreation, and Kinesiology program enter the workforce with the base knowledge they need to pursue certifications as exercise and fitness professionals, physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers and coaches, sports medicine experts, and more.

Located near Chicago, Trinity’s campus provides students with a safe and enriching learning environment along with the social, cultural, and professional benefits that come from being near a major metropolitan area. To learn more, apply online or contact us today to schedule a campus visit!


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Exercise Science

At Trinity, a B.A. in exercise sciences focuses on developing hearts, souls, strength, and minds to serve God.

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Health Communication

If you have a passion to improve people’s health and a love of designing and implementing messages, Trinity’s B.A. degree in Health Communication allows you to combine your interests.

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Physical Education

If you have a drive to become an excellent teacher and coach, a B.A. in physical education from Trinity will equip you to embrace and articulate a Christian perspective of physical activity and stewardship of the body.

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Recreation & Sport Management

If you have a passion for recreation and sports and want to share that with others, a B.S. from Trinity may be for you.


Sport Studies

At Trinity, a B.A. in sports studies will help you develop a love for and appreciation of the bodies and minds the Creator has given us.


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If you are called to help athletes become their best both on and off the field, then you may want to consider a minor in coaching.

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Health Education Minor

A health education minor will allow you to help students cultivate a lifelong commitment to fitness, sports, and leisure from a biblical perspective.

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Health Science

You have a passion for health and science, and a minor from Trinity will get you ready for a range of careers.

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Physical Education Minor

A minor in physical education degree from Trinity will equip you to embrace a career in the field.


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Pre-Physical Therapy

If you are pursuing a career in physical therapy, the pre-physical therapy program at Trinity will prepare you for entry into a graduate degree physical therapy program.

Department Chair

Dr. Shari Jurgens

Associate Professor of Physical Education / Exercise Science; Department Chair
Phone: 708.293.4920    Email: shari.jurgens@trnty.edu

Dr. Shari Jurgens ’92 is passionate about encouraging her students and the wider community to make fitness and exercise not only a priority, but an activity that is enjoyable. “Physical activity in itself is important, but making it fun and habitual is even more important.”

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