Miles Williams '23

Physical Education, Recreation, and Kinesiology

Miles Williams was studying in West Virginia when he made the choice to reach out to the baseball coach here at Trinity Christian College. In his search for the right school, he was looking for something with a Christian atmosphere, but somewhere that felt like home, where you were known by name and not just a number. He was looking to build connections with other students, connections that would become lifelong friendships, and was also searching for a place that would build opportunities for him in his life and career beyond college.

What Miles found at Trinity, was exactly what he was looking and hoping for. Everywhere he turned, he found places to affirm his passions, and help him shape his identity in who he is in God. From taking part in the Student Government Association (SGA) to the theatre program and the baseball team, he recalls a diverse set of memories on the campus of Trinity.

In high school, Miles had injuries that led him to physical therapy, which inspired him in his major, exercise science. His drive to learn more about getting into the exercise science field provided ways for him to learn more about how our body connects to our everyday lives. As he approaches graduation in 2023, he is excited about what the future holds and is focused on what his career and life will look like, beyond graduation day.

He feels grateful to be on campus every day, and for the ways he has been able to grow in his learning, his friendships, and most importantly, his faith.