You can see your exercise-science related future

Teach others to lead a healthy, God-honoring life

At Trinity, a B.A. in exercise sciences focuses on developing hearts, souls, strength, and minds to serve God. Your studies will equip you to embrace and articulate a Christian perspective of physical activity and stewardship of the body that enable lifelong service to the Lord. Our professors view fitness, sports, and leisure from a biblical perspective.

Our rigorous coursework is augmented by stellar facilities. At Trinity, we have a Human Performance Lab that features cutting-edge technology like a BodPod and VO2max testing. In fact, we have one of only seven BodPods in the entire Chicagoland area. This provides incomparable hands-on experience for our students.

With a degree in exercise science, you can develop skills for strength and conditioning or prepare for a career as a personal trainer or fitness specialist. Many of our exercise science majors also leverage their degrees to go on to graduate school for physical therapy.

Our exercise science majors who intend to pursue a career directly after graduation may be able to earn their degrees in just 3.5 years. For those who plan to go on to graduate school for physical therapy, we strongly encourage a minor in science and psychology. There are also opportunities to minor in business administration.

Trinity has transfer agreements with a number of local community colleges for those interested in pursuing an exercise science major.