History Learning Outcomes

Remembering and Understanding

  1. Students will identify and describe the chronology of major developments in American History, Western Civilization, and African, and Latin American cultures.
  2. Students will explain processes of historical development that direct Western, African, and Latin American cultures.

Critical Thinking and Doing

  1. Students will analyze, interpret, and evaluate historical texts (primary sources) and narratives written about those texts (secondary sources).
  2. Students will develop a plan, search for appropriate materials, and obtain sources necessary to construct a research project.

Engaging and Connecting

  1. Students will compose persuasive essays, reviews, papers, and oral presentations supported by appropriate evidence.
  2. Students will interpret the “pastness” of history, historical sources, and narratives about history, and carefully use information about the past to illumine the present.


  1. Students will consider the implications of a Christian world and life view through critically evaluating historical developments.