Understanding culture
informed by history


Preparing for the future by studying the past

Through the history program at Trinity, students take an in-depth look at how culture has been transformed by history. Students learn to read, write, think, and speak with an understanding of what has happened in the past, and our call to transform culture, working toward a future of justice and shalom.

Earning a degree in history at Trinity gives graduates an enhanced worldview. Learning about history provides context to understand how our past has shaped and continues to shape, everything around us. Studying history can help you in a variety of careers, including working as an attorney, teacher, member of the clergy, journalist, archivist, librarian, museum curator or administrator, and more.

History courses at Trinity are designed to capture students’ attention and focus and are taught from a Christian perspective, integrating theology and the history of Christianity to help students deepen their understanding of the Christian faith.

Trinity Christian College is located near Chicago, providing students the social, cultural, networking, and other advantages that come with going to college in a major metropolitan area. To learn more about studying history at Trinity, contact us today to schedule a visit to our campus or apply for admission.


History black and white


At Trinity, studies of history are shaped by the study of the outlines of what has happened in the past and by bringing you in contact with the sources which inform us about the past.

history education major black and white

History Education

By studying history education at Trinity, you will learn to see how God has shaped our world from the Creation to today.


Black Studies Minor black and white

Black Studies

With a minor in Black Studies, you will explore the global experience of people of African descent through history, literature, music, politics, psychology, and sociology. A black studies minor will increase your knowledge of black culture and help you better understand the world.

history minor black and white

History Minor

A minor in history is shaped by the study of what has happened in the past and by bringing you in contact with the sources which inform us about the past.



If law school is part of your future plans, a pre-law minor from Trinity will prepare you for the next step in your journey. This interdisciplinary degree offers courses in business, mathematics, political science, English, communication arts, and philosophy.

social science education

Social Science Education Minor

At Trinity, we know that an historical understanding is crucial to teaching students about what has happened in the past, and how those events shapes the world today.

urban studies black and white

Urban Studies

With a minor in urban studies, you will delve into advanced urban sociology and its analysis and application. And your studies will be more than theoretical.

Department Chair

Dr. Kyle Dieleman

Assistant Professor of History; Department Chair
Phone: 708.293.4986    Email: kyle.dieleman@trnty.edu

Dr. Kyle Dieleman believes that history helps students better see the world around them and can offer insights and warnings for how to live meaningfully.

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