Engaging Cultures and
Languages Through Words

Literature and Languages

Understanding and changing the world with words

Literature and Languages programs at Trinity teach students to engage the world through imaginative and critical language. Students learn how reading and writing shape culture and perspective. Taught from a Christian perspective, classes work to create students who can build lives making a difference in the world using the incredible power of words.

The Spanish program, which focuses on the language, literature, and culture of the Hispanic world, is fully immersive. All students majoring in Spanish take part in the Semester in Spain (SIS) program in Seville.

The language programs at Trinity can help you succeed in nearly any type of career after graduation. For example, Trinity’s linguistics program graduates can work as teachers and professors; in international business careers; as diplomats or foreign service personnel; in ministry and humanitarian roles; as social workers; interpreters; journalists; human resources; and more. Simply put, a degree in modern languages does more than teaching you to read, understand, and speak more effectively– it can help make you a more well-rounded, global citizen.

Trinity Christian College is located near Chicago, offering students in the literature and languages programs numerous cultural and social opportunities just a short distance from our campus. To learn more about life at Trinity—including our programs, student services, and financial aid opportunities—schedule a campus visit. When you’re ready, apply for admission to become part of the Trinity family and take the first step toward your future!





At Trinity, we see language as a God-given gift to humankind. The English program prepares you to be critical readers and careful writers who respond to the culture around you.

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English Education

With a B.A. in English Education, you will graduate from Trinity equipped to teach others about the beauty of language and how to become critical readers and careful writers.

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At Trinity, you can connect to greater and make a difference when you become fluent in Spanish. And while your Spanish degree work begins at Trinity, it will span the globe, as you spend a semester abroad living and learning in the bustling, historic city of Seville, Spain.


Spanish Education

You are fascinated by other languages and cultures, and you want to share that love with students. And Trinity, you won’t just learn about Spanish language through books.

Spanish for Professions

Spanish for the Professions

An increasingly multilingual world needs you, and a second major in Spanish will open doors across the globe and down the street. By double majoring in Spanish for the Professions, you will gain a practical foundation in a second language that will allow you to further your career and help others.

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Writing & Web Design

Your love of words and web design can set you on the path to your career. Trinity’s writing and web design B.A. draws on courses from a variety of programs.


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English Education Minor

With a minor in English Education, you will graduate from Trinity equipped to teach others about the beauty of language and how to become critical readers and careful writers


English Minor

A minor in English can prepare you for an exciting future. You will learn to think clearly, analyse carefully, organize material, and present results in clear and precise language.


Spanish Minor

With a minor in Spanish from Trinity, you will connect to greater and be equipped to explore careers in many fields with confidence.

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No matter what your major is, a minor in writing will be invaluable throughout any career you chose. You will take courses in both Communication Arts and English, as well as writing-intensive classes.

Department Chair

Dr. Erick Sierra

Professor of English; Department Co-Chair
Phone: 708.239.4565    Email: erick.sierra@trnty.edu

“What role does the thinking, feeling Christian stand to play, however, in the work of healing?” In his courses, Dr. Erick Sierra seeks to boldly confront this fractured condition as it presents itself in 20th century literature.

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