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Psychology (B.A.)

Launch your career with a B.A. from Trinity

With a psychology degree from Trinity Christian College, you will gain insights into humanity, based on the Creator’s teaching. You will learn to blend natural science approaches with studies of the human experience, selfhood, and relationships among individuals. You will not only receive a strong, liberal arts based approach to psychological science–you will also be able to apply that knowledge to the art of understanding the self and relating to the contemporary world in all its complexity.

And your education won’t be just theoretical. With our 11-to-1 student to faculty ratio, our students get the opportunity to do serious research, guided by our caring professors. Our location just 25 miles from downtown Chicago means that you will also have the opportunity do internships and gain field experience in a variety of settings.

Our graduates develop the theoretical insight and professional skills for graduate school or to serve in a variety of psychology-related careers and professions. And through our 3+2.5 program, you can earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in psychology in just five and a half years.