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Counseling and Psychology

Making a difference with understanding and healing

The counseling and psychology programs at Trinity develop theoretical insight and professional skills through study, research, and practice. Because courses are taught with a Christian perspective, students will leave prepared for graduate study and to serve in a variety of psychology-related careers and professions with understanding and healing in mind.

Trinity also offers Adult Undergraduate degrees in counseling and psychology and Graduate degrees in counseling psychology.

At Trinity, we also offer a 5.5 year BA/MA program. Through this unique opportunity, students who are working towards their B.A. in Art Therapy, Psychology, or Speech-Language Pathology at Trinity can begin taking graduate-level courses in their junior or senior year. This allows students to earn both a psychology-related B.A. and an M.A. from Trinity in five and a half years, instead of six years.


Trinity Art Therapy Major black and white painting

Art Therapy

If you love art and want to help others, you can combine your passions with a degree in Art Therapy. Art therapists use drawing, painting, and other creative outlets to help children and adults deal with grief and loss.

Trinity Christian College Psychology Major black and white


With a psychology degree from Trinity Christian College, you will gain insights into humanity, based on the Creator’s teaching.


Speech-Language Pathology

With a B.S. in speech-language pathology from Trinity, you will be prepared for the next stage of your educational journey. And your education won’t be just theoretical.



Neuroscience & Behavior

A minor in neuroscience and behavior will provide invaluable insights the brain and nervous system.


Psychology Minor

With a minor in psychology , you will learn to blend natural science approaches with studies of the human experience.