Update from the Vice President of Student Life, Becky Starkenburg, March 15, 2020


I’m writing to you to say THANK YOU for the way you have stepped up to make this transition over the last few days. It really feels like the eve of a new kind of community together. The Trinity community has come together in amazing ways to care for one another and our surrounding community. And…

I just recorded my first vlog for you.

As the weeks unfold, we will work on the production quality of our videos, I promise.  But, honestly, I wanted to offer you something rough cut to tell you TODAY that:

  1. Your Trinity Student Life staff cares for you deeply in this transition to an online community
  2. We are in this with you all the way
  3. We are all going to be learning together how to do this, and it’s going to go better if we continue to reach out and put ourselves out there, rather than isolate.

I’m looking forward to learning alongside you. God is with us.

Peace be with you,

VP Starkenburg

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