Update from Emeriti Faculty, April 21, 2020

Dear Trinity faculty:

We emeriti faculty members give thanks for the reports we have of you and of your administration, your chaplain’s office, your student development colleagues, and your staff.  Because we know most deeply the task of the professoriate, we extend our prayers and support particularly to you as professors and former colleagues.

We think of your personal connections with your students. We know the professional contributions that you are eager to share with them. We have seen the care with which you craft your lectures and assignments. We appreciate the imaginative learning experiences you have created–laboratory experiments, art studio work, music performances, off-campus visits, consulting opportunities, internships, and more. We trust your students will remember your high goals for their participation in this world as children of God.

We are thankful that Trinity came to an early decision about protecting campus life, that you all geared up within one week to carry the rest of the semester through distance learning, and that you did everything possible to overcome that distance through Christian hospitality and loyalty to an alternative Christian learning community.

We commit to keeping you in our prayers, especially at this time that requires both critique and nurture.  If you can imagine other ways we could be useful, please let us know.

Your fellow-workers in Christ’s service,

Mary Lynn Colosimo
Virginia LaGrand
Lou Sytsma
Pete Post
Mary Webster
Tom Roose
John Hoekstra
Nancy Kwasteniet
Michael De Vries
Nelvia Brady
Don Sinnema
Dan Diephouse
Ken Austin
Don Woo
Lois Roelofs
Brad Breems
Bob Rice
Michael Vander Weele

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