Dr. David Boven

Affiliated Faculty, History


Ph.D., Loyola University - Chicago, Chicago, 2017
M.Res., University of London, London, 2012
M.A., Concordia University Chicago, River Forest, Ill., 2008
B.A., Calvin University, Grand Rapids, Mich., 2004

Associated Academic Programs


Dr. David Boven is an affiliated faculty member in the History Department. According to Dr. Boven, education has long been a contested space. “Whether the issue has been who should be educated, whether they should learn about evolution, or if English should supplant Dutch as a language of instruction, these contests have always been important. In my scholarship and my teaching,” he says. “I try to provide context for how these discussions have been held and give students background in how they can frame them going forward. Since graduating with a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Loyola University Chicago in 2017, I have studied connections between education and power from colonial administrations in India to Dutch immigrants in Chicago.”