Learning to help
others heal

Pre-Physical Therapy

Opportunities that launch

The strong academic quality of Trinity Christian College’s biology, chemistry, and exercise science departments, combined with the faculty’s commitment to post-graduate placements prepare students for a career in physical therapy. A Human Performance Lab provides hands-on exercise testing helpful in preparation for physical therapy school. Trinity has measurable results in placing students in graduate schools.

A Christian frame of reference is the key ingredient in Trinity’s pre-physical therapy program. Professionals in health care deal daily with decisions having religious, moral, and ethical dimensions, including patient concerns with pain and emotional, physical, and spiritual struggles. The connections between these concerns and physical healing are well established. At Trinity, small classes often serve as simulation laboratories where students practice Christian decision-making.

Gain momentum with intensive studies

The pre-physical therapy curriculum at Trinity prepares students for entry into master’s and doctoral degree programs following graduation. The course of study involves biology, chemistry, math, and psychology courses, which are prerequisites for most graduate programs. The Allied Health track of the biology major is designed to meet these prerequisites. Students choosing the exercise science major will need additional course work.