Celebrating the Cultures of Asia: Photogallery

View PhotogalleryTrinity students celebrated cultures from the Philippines, India, and Korea during the Celebration of Asia held on April 19. The event, sponsored by the Asian American Alliance (AAA), allows students to experience different Asian cultures through food and entertainment.

Students and faculty first enjoyed a shared meal including sushi, Korean bulgogi, Indian butter chicken, and Singaporean shrimp noodles.

“The Celebration of Asia was a great chance to experience different cultures,” said Brian Hofman ’13 of Waupun, Wisconsin. “I was blessed by the evening and am very glad I attended.”

After the dinner, students enjoyed entertainment through songs, readings, and a performance with bamboo instruments called angklungs led by Dr. Yudha Thianto. Christina Clair ’14 of Chicago read a poem titled “Don’t Lose Hope.”

Members of the Asian American Alliance also spoke about current issues in Asian countries and student involvement with the organization Liberty in North Korea (LiNK).

“Our goal was to raise awareness for the issues that are affecting different Asian cultures but also for the campus to come together and celebrate the diversity that God has given us,” said Nicole Ferreria ’13 of Willowbrook, Illinois, leader of the AAA.