Students Showcase Work at OPUS: Photogallery

View PhotogalleryA bagpiper, Sinterklaas, and the Trinity Troll paraded around campus on Tuesday, April 24, to begin OPUS, an academic celebration for all departments sponsored by Trinity’s Academic Initiative.

The event, which celebrates academic gifts in all fields of study, featured several afternoon sessions during which students showcased class projects, Interim experiences, choir performances, and more.

“For me, OPUS was amazing,” said Christina Clair ’14 of Chicago, who performed her first-prize winning poetry interpretation with a poem she wrote herself. “It was truly a blessing to share with the campus and to let them know how God changed me.”

In addition to the oral interpretation contest, awards were given for music, art, and writing submissions.

New to this year’s OPUS celebration was an ice sculptor. The sculptor spent the day carving a Trinity Troll along with an OPUS sculpture, which both served as decorations for the evening’s picnic dinner.

The event also featured a beanbag tournament, improv group, and a praise and worship time in the event tent.

“OPUS was spectacular this year,” said Joshua Knol ’14 of Crown Point, Indiana, chair of Academic Initiative. “The committee put a ton of work into pulling it all together, and it definitely showed.”

OPUS award winnersClick here for the complete list.

Tuition Remission Winners

$100 Winners—Jessica Burns ’13, Christina Clair ’14
$150 Winners—Vivienne Handumon ’12, Shannon Smith ’12
$250 Winners—Bill Kamp ’12, Kelsey Mattson ’12           
$400 Winner—Amber VanderLey ’12
$500 Winner—Benjamin DeYoung ’14

OPUS 2012 Committee Members


Dr. Dick Cole, Chairperson
Dr. Clay Carlson
Dr. Mauricio Nava D.
Professor Rebecca Harkema ’05
Dr. Mackenzi Huyser ’97
Dr. Mark Jones, Chairperson
Professor Pete Post ’74
Dr. Patti Powell
Dr. Laurel Quinn
Dr. John Sebestyen
Professor Maureen Sweeney


Joshua Knol ’14, Chair of Academic Initiative
Jonathan Engbers ’14
Cassandra Martinez ’15
Keli Ooms ’13
Allison Wier ’13

Art and Design


Drawing/Painting/Mixed Media:

First Place: Jessica Timmermans, “Late Afternoon”

Second Place: Amanda Evers, “Trade Your Fears”
Third Place: Yasmin Fernandez, “Set Your Eyes”


First Place: Chris Colvin, “Look Up” and “To Mankind Which Are Delivered”

Second Place: Leigh Twaragowski, “Purple”, “Multiple”, and “Flower”
Third Place: Heather VanSant, “Through the Looking Glass 1 & 2” and “Cityscape”

Graphic Design:
First Place: Kaleb Dean, “FYF Mentorship”

Second Place: Bridget Earnshaw and Karl Gesch, “Studio Rat”
Third Place: Hannah Snow, “Spoon Letters” and “Gourmet Dish”


First Place: Karl Gesch, “Drawing in Space: Mondrian’s Pier & Mountain”

Second Place: Lauren Sandberg, “Junkyard Talisman”

Third Place: Jonathan Engbers, “Try and Open a Book (But Not Really)”


Best of Show:

Karl Gesch, “Real Animal Cookies”


Music Performance



First Place: Brittany Homan

Second Place: Leah Laky

Third Place: Haley Zandstra


Vocal Ensemble

First Place: William Gesch, Shannon Smith, Daniel Thayer

Second Place: William Gesch, Daniel Thayer

Third Place: Dwante Jones, Da’Maris King


Vocal Solo

First Place: William Gesch

Second Place: Kristen Blok

Third Place: Adam Perez


Instrumental Ensemble

First Place: Cassandra Nelson, Patrick Page, Adam Perez, Christina Pacholik, Daniel Thayer

Second Place: Adam Perez, Alexander Salto


Instrumental Solo

First Place: Adam Perez

Second Place: Matthew Mulder

Third Place: Alexander Salto


Oral Interpretation


Dramatic Lit.

First Place (tie): Graeme Scott and Brooke Wigboldy

Third Place: Gina Ciametti


Poetry Interp.

First Place: Christina Clair

Second Place: Jennifer Hill

Third Place: Dominique Evans


Prose Interp.

First Place: Daniel Thayer

Second Place: Stephanie Avila

Third Place: Da’Maris King


Original Oratory

First Place: Christina Clair

Second Place: Gina Ciametti

Third Place: Graeme Scott


Poetry and Essay



First Place: Brian Haak, “The Water in the Piazza”

Honorable Mention: Kim Malinowski, “The Death”



First Place: Kyle VanEerden, “Bear, My Burden”

Second Place: Vanessa Noonan, “Third Chances”

Third Place: Holli Moote, “Moment”



First Place: Teryn Leaper, “Preserved and Charitable”

Second Place: Teryn Leaper, “Unrequited Mistake”

Honorable Mentions: Hannah Wasco, “If I Had to Tell You” and “Rhyming” and Jenna Rae Reidenga,   “The 5-Paragraph Essay”