Two Art Professors Showcase Work in the Midwest


Ellen Browning artworkTrinity has been represented well in the art world as Ellen Browning and John Bakker, professors of art and design, recently had work exhibited in the Midwest.

Browning’s work served as the opening for a show in August at Gallery 3 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and included 28 wood type prints comprising an entire alphabet. Her work was in conjunction with the Hamilton Type Museum, where she has worked in the summer since her apprenticeship there in 2009.

Browning believes her exhibit demonstrates typography’s importance in graphic design. 

“My continued work, printing, and research at the Hamilton Type Museum allow for a more in-depth understanding of typography overall,” said Browning. “In particular the important role wood type has played in graphic design history and its resurgence with current designers in the last few years.”

Bakker, the art department’s chair, also finished a commission at LaSalle Street Church in Chicago. The installation includes 278 portraits on 210 different panels. It will be a permanent part of the church’s Cornerstone Center.

The installation was unveiled on September 9.