Professor Shares Math Expertise in Malaysia: Photogallery


View PhotogalleryDr. Mary Webster Moore, associate professor of mathematics education, has seen God’s provision in many ways during her overseas travels.

Her recent trip to Malaysia to work with teachers was no different as she witnessed God’s hand in seemingly small and not so small ways, from the provision of necessary supplies to the power of cross- cultural education and worship.

Webster Moore was invited by her friend and former seminary classmate Dr. Lawrence Williams of the Global Education Council (GEC) to work with teachers at the Vision Primary and Secondary School in Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia. GEC submitted a detailed report of its work and recommendations to the Vision school board of directors after the conclusion of the visit.

Along with Williams and fellow educator Dr. Cora Charles, Webster Moore led teacher development workshops for 50 teachers and principals and held coaching and mentoring sessions one-on-one and in large group settings. Two evening sessions for parents focused on health and helping children excel in school.

For the latter parent session, the professor presented “Making Mathematics Meaningful,” which explained six fundamental math activities families could practice in their daily lives.

As part of the team’s service, participants Charles Moore, M.D. and his assistant Frederick Sutton performed vision and hearing screenings for 382 children at several different locations.

In addition to enjoying some local excursions, Webster Moore said she also had the pleasure of visiting with Trinity alumna Kendra Cumberland ’06, who has been teaching in Singapore for six years.